The Association for Main Street
Accountants and Tax Professionals.

State of MI Government Address and Phone Directory
All state departments are listed alphabetically.
Department of Agriculture
Contact MDA
Constitution Hall
525 W. Allegan
P.O. Box 30017 * Lansing 48909
Dan Wyant, Director
Information: 1-800-292-3939
Racing Commissioner: 1-800-973-5000
Department of Attorney General
Contact AG
525 West Ottawa
G. Mennen Williams Building, 7th Floor
P.O. Box 30212 * Lansing 48909
Mike Cox, Attorney General
Information: 517-373-1110
Consumer Complaints: 517-373-1140
Office of the Auditor General
Contact Auditor General
201 N. Washington Square, 6th Floor
Lansing, MI 48913
Thomas H. McTavish, C.P.A., Auditor General
Information: 517-334-8050
Department of Career Development
Contact MDCD
201 North Washington Square
Victor Office Center, 7th Floor
Lansing 48913
Barbara Bolin, Director
Career Development Resource Line:
1-866-694-6257 voice/TTY
Center for Educational Performance and Information
Contact CEPI
Capital Tower Building
110 West Michigan Avenue, Suite 600
Lansing, MI 48913
Andrew Henry, Director
Information: 517-241-2374 
Office Of Children’s Ombudsman
Contact OCO
Michigan National Tower
P.O. Box 30026 
Lansing, MI 48909
Lynne Martinez, Ombudsman
Within the Lansing Area: 517-373-3077
Outside the Lansing Area: 1-800-642-4326
Department of Civil Rights
Contact MDCR
Capitol Tower Building, Suite 800
111 West Michigan
Lansing 48913
Nanette Reynolds, Director
Lansing Office: 517-334-3165 
Department of Civil Service
Contact MDCS
Capitol Commons Center
400 South Pine
P.O. Box 30002  * Lansing 48909
John F. Lopez, State Personnel Director
Information: 517-373-3030
Department of Community Health
Contact MDCH
Lewis Cass Building, 6th Floor
320 South Walnut
Lansing 48913
Janet Olszewski, Director
Information: 517-373-0408
Community Living, Children & Families: 517-335-9371
Community Public Health: 517-335-8024
Crime Victims Commission: 517-373-7373
Health Promotions and Publications: 517-335-0134
Medical Services Administration: 517-335-5001
Mental Health/Substance Abuse Svcs: 517-335-0196
Office of Drug Control Policy: 517-373-4700
Office of Services on Aging: 517-373-7876
Department of Consumer and Industry Services
Contact CIS
525 West Ottawa
G. Mennen Williams Building, 4th Floor
P.O. Box 30004 * Lansing 48909
David Hollister, Director
Information: 517-373-1820
Bureau of Commercial Services: 517-241-9223
Bureau of Construction Codes: 517-241-9313
Bureau of Employment Relations: 517-373-3580
Employment Security Board of Review: 517-241-7333
Bureau of Occupational Health: 517-322-1680
Bureau of Regulatory Services: 517-335-6124
(Adult Foster Care/Child Day Care/Child Welfare Licensing)
Bureau of Safety and Regulation: 517-322-1814
Bureau of Worker’s & Unemployment Compensation:
Worker’s Compensation: 888-396-5041
Wage/Hour: 517-322-1825
Unemployment – Customer Relations: 800-638-3994
Unemployment – Claimant Customer Relations: 800-638-3995
Financial and Insurance Services: 517-373-0220
Health Professional Complaints: 517-373-9196
Health Professional Licensure: 517-335-0918
Liquor Control Commission: 517-322-1400
MI State Housing Development Authority: 517-373-8370
Public Service Commission: 517-241-6180
Tax Tribunal: 517-334-6521
Department of Corrections
Contact MDOC
Grand View Plaza Building
206 E. Michigan Avenue
P.O. Box 30003 * Lansing 48909
William S. Overton, Director
Information: 517-335-1426
Court of Appeals
Hall of Justice
925 W. Ottawa St.
P.O. Box 30022
Lansing, MI 48909-7522
Michigan Economic Development Corporation
Contact MEDC
300 North Washington Square
Lansing 48913
Sabrina Keeley, Chief Operating Officer
Information: 517-373-9808
Department of Education
Contact MDE
John Hannah Building
South Tower
608 West Allegan
P.O. Box 30008  * Lansing 48909
Thomas D. Watkins, Jr.,
Superintendent of Public Instruction
Information: 517-373-3324
State Board of Education: 517-373-3900
Department of Environmental Quality
Contact DEQ
P.O. Box 30473
Lansing 48909-7973
Steven E. Chester, Director
Information: 517-373-7917
Air Quality Division: 517-373-7023
Environmental Assistance Center: 800-662-9278
Environmental Science Board: 517-373-4960
Environmental Science & Svcs Div: 517-335-2419
Geological & Land Mgt. Div: 517-241-1515
Office of the Great Lakes: 517-335-4232
Remediation & redevelopment Div: 517-373-9837
Waste & Hazardous Materials Div: 517-335-2690
Water Division: 517-241-1300
Executive Office
Governor Jennifer Granholm
Contact the Governor’s Office
P.O. Box 30013
Lansing, Michigan 48909
Information: 517-335-7858
Lieutenant Governor’s Office: 517-373-6800
Washington, D.C. Office: 202-624-5840
Northern Michigan Office: 906-228-2850
Southeast Michigan Office: 313-456-0010
Office of Regulatory Reform: 517-373-0526
Family Independence Agency
Contact FIA
235 South Grand
P.O. Box 30037 * Lansing 48909
Nannette Bowler, Director
Information: 517-373-2035
Child and Family Services: 517-335-6158
Commission for the Blind: 517-373-2062
Family Independence Agencycontinued
Commission for the Blind: 800-292-4200
Commission on Disability Concerns: 517-334-8000
Office of Child Support: 517-373-7570
Gaming Control Board
Contact Gaming Control
1500 Abbott Road * Suite 400
East Lansing 48823
Dan Gustafson, Executive Director
Phone: 351-2758
Information: 517-241-0040
Department of History, Arts and Libraries
Contact HAL
702 West Kalamazoo Street
P.O. Box 30007 * Lansing 48909-7507
William Anderson, Director
Information: 517-241-2236
Library of Michigan: 517-373-1580
Mackinac Island State Park Com: 231-436-4100
MI Council for Arts & Cultural Afrs: 517-241-4011
Michigan Film Office: 800-477-3456 or 517-373-0638
Michigan Historical Center: 517-373-3559
Department of Information Technology
Contact DIT
1st Floor Lewis Cass Building
Lansing MI 48913
Teresa M. Takai, Director
Information: 517-373-1006
e-Michigan Web Development: 517-241-5780
Center for Geographic Information: 517-373-7910
Michigan Legislature
Michigan Lottery
Contact Lottery
101 E. Hillsdale
P.O. Box 30023 * Lansing 48909
Gary C. Peters, Commissioner
Phone: 517-335-5756
Department of Management and Budget
Contact DMB
Lewis Cass Building
320 South Walnut Street
MTAP P.O. Box 398 Bath, MI 48808-0398